Pre-order - Christmas!

Welcome to LLFAB UK's

Christmas Round!

28/07 - 11/08

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TURNAROUND - 8-10 WEEKS, please allow up to two additional weeks for cutting and packing.
Payment instalments are available! (Layaway)
How it works : 30% of your order is paid at the time of your order and you are invoiced for the remaining balance. You then will have either THREE  WEEKS from close of Round to pay off your invoice as and when you please. There is a £5 fee for this service.
You can of course, choose to pay in full at the time of your order with no additional fees. 
SHIPPING FOR LAYAWAY: Please select the 'LAYAWAY' shipping option for Layaway orders ONLY.
 ****Please place orders for retail and pre-order separately as these can not be combined****
Our FLAWS Policy
Due to the nature of Digital printing, it is normal to have odd white spots on your fabric. If these are no bigger than a 5 pence piece and do NOT affect the fabric in its entirety then we will not refund or replace. The ‘Selvedge’ of the fabric (edges) will sometimes be smeared, smudged or show small holes etc, this is all normal for digitally printed fabric and should not affect more than 1 inch from each selvedge. All claims for ‘Flaws’ will be determined on a case by case basis by the admin team. By purchasing from LLFAB UK you are agreeing to these terms.

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